One of the healthiest ways to ingest herbal medicine is with a Vaporizer. We now know, that because of less vigorous burning, a properly used vaporizer reduces, if not eliminates the tar and other by-products and delivers a cleaner effect.

Two options for Vaporization:

The Hot-Plate (conduction) method involves a heating element. This is the older of the two methods and has been shown to be relatively inefficient. There is high CBD: THC ratio in the 'vapor.'

The Hot-Air (convection) method involves passing hot air through the herbs, thus vaporizing the active chemicals. Currently prices of Hot-Air Vaporizers are quite expensive; however, this technology is currently being developed to be affordable for patients in the medical market.

A study done a few years ago by the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (M.A.P.S.) and the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) found that next to vaporizers, rolled "joints" were the second healthiest method, then waterpipes or pipes.

Oral Ingestion

Oral Ingestion is preferred by some patients as an alternative to vaporizing or smoking. The harmful effects on the lungs are removed and if the patient requires the maximum dose of medicinal compounds. Not all patients have achieved the desired results but oral ingestion has proven successful for many patients.

The human liver produces natural cannabinoid metabolites and when marijuana is eaten, rather than smoked, a stronger effect is absorbed by the lungs.

Patient techniques of baking brownies or cookies are effective, but unpredictable. For optimum medical benefits cooking the marijuana with coconut oil and packed into gelatin capsules has proven best results.

Marijuana Gelatin Capsule Recipe


Cannabis' active ingredients are not water soluble, but will dissolve into oils; fats or alcohol. This process makes the active ingredients even more digestible. It has been shown that the chemical makeup of the cannabis converts some cannabinoids into higher-level ones. You may choose to simmer a bud in butter or oil and from there bake/cook whatever you'd like.

Use any information found here at YOUR OWN RISK.