Ice shower in hemp cannabis flower cultivation

cannabis flowerYou can often find recommendations from experienced gardeners for an "ice shower" in the run-up to Harvest. It is also mentioned in articles about improving the quality of the finished product, Grover's tricks and preparation for the harvest. What is it - an "ice shower"? How exactly does it affect the hemp bushes and what benefits does it bring to growers? These are the questions we will try to answer in this article.

The "ice shower" procedure means watering hemp with cold water 1-2 weeks before Harvest. Its temperature should not be higher than 15 degrees, but preferably around 5-10.

Clear evidence of the approaching harvests are multiple white trichomes on the inflorescences and more than 80% pistils of orange, brown and red. Usually they take no more than 2 weeks to mature. This is the right moment to use the "ice shower" technique.

How the Lehigh Valley's weed arrest rate stacks up nationally. It is worth starting with a small portion of water so that it can dry more quickly. For the first watering, approximately half the usual portion will suffice. The second should be done in a few days. Usually, growers water 1-3 times with cold water for 2-3 weeks before harvester marijuana, and last week keep the plant without moisture to reduce the amount of water in the tissues. This allows for faster drying and treatment of the lumps. But everyone has the right to decide whether it's more important for them - resinous and killer buds or faster drying. If the first option is more important for the harvester, the "ice shower" can be carried out until the harvest, if the second - irrigation should be stopped a week before the harvest.

cannabis flowerWhat happens to cannabis during an "ice shower" technique? It's simple enough. As a result of the plant's contact with cold water, a natural mechanism triggers, which tells the plant that cold is approaching and that winter is coming along with it. And since it is an annual plant, it must be able to leave its offspring in time to continue its genus. This behavior is programmed by genetics. 

cannabis flowerIt automatically begins to increase the rate of production of resin, which in nature takes an important part in the process of fertilization of female hemp inflorescences - it attracts pollinating insects. In this way, the plant tries to increase its chances of pollination. It is a natural genetic mechanism that begins to work under extreme conditions.

Cannabis Industry Struggles Will Lead to Bright Future for. It is very important that the water is as cold as in autumn rain. It will act as a clear signal of coldness and the coming of winter.

Trichomes are glands located on hemp flowers and leaves that synthesize the resin. It contains all the active cannabis substances that affect humans. These are terpenes and cannabinoids.

Terpenes are aromatic chemical compounds that give the hemp floretses aroma. They can also affect humans in tandem with cannabinoids, the most important of which is THC. It is he who has a psychoactive effect that can change a person's mind.

By applying the "ice shower" technique, grrover stimulates increased production of resin in a hemp bush. And the more it will be, the more concentration of active substances in the finished product. As a result, its taste and aromatic qualities will be more intense, and the effect will be more powerful.

The "Ice Shower" is a rather simple yet effective technique to improve the quality of the finished product during hemp cultivation. Its embodiment does not require special equipment and special knowledge, so it can be adopted by growers of any skill lev.