Medicianl-Marijuana.ca was founded out of the need for an ethical portal to provide patients and licensed producer's information, a way to connect and stay up to date in the current event within this industry.

We no longer want to hear stories of patients having to source out their medicinal marijuana through any means possible because the legal marijuana available to them is of such embarrassing quality and price that it is of no benefit to improving a patient's quality of life or is out of their price range to purchase.

Marijuana is a 'Miracle Plant' naturally produced by earth for a purpose. Even though the purpose of the marijuana plant has been abused by humans in our recent history, and has been labeled as a dangerous drug only used by unethical people for recreational use or financial gain, it does not erase the benefiting factors of this 'Miracle Plant'. If you're interested in understanding the 'real' History behind the marijuana plant, you will learn just as we did, that the benefits far out-weight the negatives.

We, at Medicinal-Marijuana.ca, are here to join in the fight to make medical marijuana available to everyone with the need. If you've got the need, we've got the weed... as one of the co-founders likes to say.

Our philosophy and purpose is to create a Canadian presence where all Canadians can go for solid information, guaranteed results for improving quality of life and access to legal marijuana as regulated by Health Canada's guidelines.

We are proud to offer these services and look forward to a future where Health Canada regulations catch up with the proven benefits of the marijuana drug and provide full access to patients.