Nanaimo man, 73, punished for pot and guns

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By: Danielle Bell, Nanaimo Daily News

Published: September 22, 2010

Fire reveals illegal medicinal grow-op

A 73-year-old Nanaimo man was given a six-month conditional sentence and 10-year firearms ban on Tuesday after a fire at his East Wellington home led to the discovery of an illegal medical marijuana growing-operation and seizure of several guns.

Lawrence H. Grounds pleaded guilty to production of a controlled substance in court in Nanaimo on Tuesday.

Court heard that Grounds, who suffers from chronic shoulder and knee pain, had used the marijuana for medical use but was unlicensed to do so although he was in the process of completing related forms.

Court heard Grounds did not smoke marijuana but instead ingested the drug with his food.

In June, RCMP seized about 120 pot plants growing inside and outside his Pirart Road home after firefighters dousing an unrelated fire at his property called police with suspicions of a grow-op. Police also seized several guns, including three reported stolen from Nanaimo, Ottawa and Alberta.

Court heard an acquaintance of Grounds, a lifelong hunter, stored guns at his home after a domestic issue, unbeknownst to him. Conditions include Grounds must remain in his home, which will undergo monthly inspections, except for medical or supervisor appointments unless with permission.

Additional charges may stem from the incident.