West Kelowna man struggles to get medical marijuana license

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By: Barry McDivitt, CHBC News

Published: October 7, 2010

A West Kelowna man who uses marijuana for medicinal purposes says the government is prolonging his suffering and making him a criminal.

Dave Napora was born with a degenerative genetic disease that causes him extreme pain and prolonged depression.

He says marijuana is the best medicine he’s ever tried because it takes away the pain, but he is in a struggle with Health Canada to get a medical marijuana license.

Napora was told it would take about two months but eight months later, he is still waiting.

Napora and his wife think Health Canada may be delaying his license because the daily dosage prescribed by Napora’s doctors is several times more than the government’s guidelines for medical marijuana use.

He says it is ironic that it is easier to get a prescription for morphine than marijuana because morphine is a much more powerful and addictive drug.