House of Commons toker wants to legally munch medicinal pot

Source: Metro News

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By: Stephanie Orford

Published: October 7, 2010

An Abbotsford man who blazed a J in the House of Commons said there was no bylaw that precludes him from smoking medical marijuana in Canada’s lower house.

Samuel Mellace lit the joint Monday in the House and was quickly and quietly asked to put it out, which he did.

Mellace said he was protesting the fact that people like his wife, who has lung cancer, cannot legally eat marijuana.

“Health Canada is concerned about making hash and oil from it, but all we want to do is bake and cook with it,” Mellace said, adding that his methods include making marijuana butter to cook with.

Mellace was diagnosed with a liver disease in 1999. At first he was put on other painkillers, including opiates.

The treatment, he said, was brutal on his body. In 2002 he switched over to using medical marijuana.