The Marc Emery Legal Fundraiser Moneybomb - Saturday October 16

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Published: October 5, 2010

Make sure medical growops follow rules

On Saturday, October 16th, the Free Marc Campaign is holding a Marc Emery Legal Fundraiser Moneybomb! Marc is hiring a US prisoner transfer specialist lawyer to handle the process of having him transferred to Canada so he can serve his time at home. We need your help!

Marc Emery was sentenced to serve five years in US federal prison, and will serve his time at Taft Federal Correctional Institution in California. Once he arrives there, he can file his US transfer application to return home to Canada.

The process for getting a transfer under the treaty with the United States has two parts: get approval from the Canadian Public Safety Minister, Vic Toews; and get approval from the US Department of Justice.

The Canadian transfer application when he was sentenced on September 10th, so the Public Safety Minister has the paperwork and he can approve it at any time. Please contact him and ask for Marc’s transfer request to be accepted!

The Hon. Vic Toews

Parliament Hill

Suite 306, House of Commons Justice Building

Ottawa, ON

K1A 0A6




[email protected]

Please also contact the US Department of Justice and ask them to approve Marc Emery's transfer request to serve his time at home in Canada. Be polite and use the facts about Marc Emery to help you explain why he should be transferred.

U.S. Department of Justice

Criminal Division, Office of Enforcement Operations

International Prisoner Transfer Program

JCK Building, 12th Floor

Washington, DC



The US application requires more work, so that’s why Marc is hiring a US transfer specialist lawyer. She is highly recommended and gets the job done quickly and properly. Her excellent work comes at a cost of $8,500 – and that’s why we need your help!

The Marc Emery Legal Fundraiser Moneybomb is on Saturday, October 16th. We have already received some donations in advance ($1,000 in total as of October 2nd) and people are able to donate at any time. We’re putting all donation money aside for this lawyer and we’ll add it to the moneybomb on Saturday, October 16th!


All donations are set aside in a US account for the US transfer specialist lawyer’s fees.

1) Make donations with your credit card through the Cannabis Culture Online Store in the "Free Marc"section at

2) Send a PayPal donation to [email protected] and it will be transferred to the US account for the lawyer’s fees

3) Call 604–669–9069 on Saturday with your credit card information, or email it to [email protected]

4) Mail a cheque or money order made out to "0883467 BC Ltd." to The Free Marc Campaign, 307 West Hastings Street, Vancouver BC, V6B 1H6, Canada

5) Drop off in–person donations at "Marc Emery’s Cannabis Culture Headquarters" at 307 West Hastings Street in downtown Vancouver

Help spread the word about the "Free Marc Emery Moneybomb" online! Join the Facebook group and share this page online.

Why do we need help paying legal fees?

People sometimes ask, "Marc Emery made millions of dollars selling seeds, so why are you asking for money?" The answer is, Marc has no money, savings, assets, stocks, bonds, property, or anything of value. When he was arrested in 2005, he had $11 to his name. He didn’t sell the seeds to make a personal profit; the entire point of selling seeds was to make money for the movement, which he clearly stated on a regular basis and on his websites.

Since Marc began selling seeds in 1994, he never kept any of the money made – he has never cared about owning anything. Marc used all of the profits from the seed sales to finance the movement, which he was very well–known for doing. He gave over $4 million to activists groups, drug policy conferences, state ballot initiatives to legalize medical marijuana (including Colorado, Washington DC, and Arizona), class action lawsuits against the government, compassion club legal fees and start–up costs, opening hemp stores, worldwide rallies and marches (such as the Global Marijuana March every year, and the original April 20th "420" rally in Vancouver), drug policy organizations (including Marijuana Policy Project, NORML, Drug Policy Alliance, and more), political parties (such as the BC Marijuana Party, Canadian Marijuana Party, US Marijuana Party, and other state/provincial parties), media outlets (Cannabis Culture Magazine, Pot TV), drug rehabilitation clinics (the Ibogaine Therapy House), medical fees for cannabis patients, and so much more.

Even if Marc had kept the money, the police and DEA would have seized it all, so he never saved anything. The only people who claim Marc "made millions" are the DEA. But even the DEA knows that Marc has nothing of value, because he was not made to pay fees when sentenced to prison in the USA due to the fact that they know he has no money. In fact, Marc only has personal debt, mostly to Revenue Canada for owed income tax as he paid over $580,000 as a "marijuana seed vendor" from 1999 to 2005 and, after being busted, the interest on the $120,000 owed amount ballooned into nearly $300,000.

Additionally, Marc is not allowed to be employed while imprisoned, so he has no income whatsoever. His wife Jodie Emery owns and operates the "Cannabis Culture Headquarters" store, Cannabis Culture Magazine online, and Pot TV; only the store makes money. As such, we rely on supporters for help in paying the legal fees of our lawyers to help get Marc home.

Thankfully, Marc gave so much to the movement, inspired countless thousands to become activists, and helped thousands of people grow their own medicine, so there are many people who want to give back in his time of need. Thank you for the support!