Libby calling for fairness for Marc Emery

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By: Libby Davies

Published: October 22, 2010

Open Letters to Ministers & Public Officials

Libby and 12 of her NDP Colleagues sent the following letter to Canada's Public Safety Minister, calling for action to ensure Marc Emery can serve his sentence in Canada.

The Honourable Vic Toews

Minister of Public Safety

House of Commons

Ottawa, ON K1A 0A6

Dear Minister Toews,

I write to urge you to take all necessary steps to ensure the timely transfer of Canadian Marc Emery from the United States to Canada so that he may serve his prison sentence nearer family, friends and supporters.

In May, 2009, your government took a rare and unnecessary step and extradited a Canadian citizen to serve a prison sentence in the US for actions that are not worthy of prosecution under Canadian laws.

Since then, the prosecutor in Mr. Emery’s case has since denounced the ruling against Mr. Emery saying "As Emery's prosecutor and a former federal law–enforcement official, however, I'm not afraid to say out loud what most of my former colleagues know is true: Our marijuana policy is dangerous and wrong and should be changed through the legislative process to better protect the public safety."

At his sentencing, the U.S. District Court Judge Ricardo Martinez recommended that Mr. Emery be allowed to serve his time in a Canadian prison.

I understand that there is a necessary process involved in the transfer of Mr. Emery to Canada. However, I call on you to agree in principle to Mr. Emery’s transfer and to ensure that the process of his transfer is undertaken at the first possible opportunity.


Libby Davies, MP Vancouver East

Alex Atamanenko, MP BC Southern Interior

Jean Crowder, MP Nanaimo–Cowichan

Don Davies, MP Vancouver–Kingsway

Paul Dewar, MP Ottawa–Centre

Yvon Godin, MP Acadie–Bathurst

Jack Harris, MP St. John’s East

Bruce Hyer, MP Thunder Bay– Superior North

Peter Julian, MP Burnaby–New Westminster

Megan Leslie, MP Halifax

Jim Maloway, MP Elmwood–Transcona

Denise Savoie, MP Victoria

Bill Siksay, MP Burnaby–Douglas