Health Canada is working to address the temporary delay in processing applications

Source: Health Canada



Health Canada is currently experiencing a temporary delay in processing applications for an authorization to possess and/or a licence to produce marihuana for medical purposes, due to a sharp rise in the number of applications received in recent months.

To address this situation, Health Canada has implemented a strategy that is improving the efficiency of its review and authorization process and will restore standard processing times of 8 to 10 weeks.

As part of our strategy, our officials have reviewed all operational policies and procedures and implemented several key process changes in order to improve efficiencies and speed up these processes.

We anticipate that the number of applications being processed will increase as we progress with the implementation of our strategy, The Department is making efforts to restore normal processing times by the end of this year.

Please note that applications respecting symptoms treated within the context of compassionate end–of–life care are treated immediately upon receipt.